We provide as much care as we can for the strays of Mauritius, however the demand for homes is ever increasing.


All of our strays are fully vaccinated, health checked and cleared for transportation to the UK. We ensure every stray is handled with the upmost care when going through the transportation process, which we manage from our care facility in Mauritius right to your home in the UK. We handle all required documentation and health checks to prevent any hiccups along the way.


Can you help?

Ifyou are looking to adopt, why not consider a Mauritian stray? We have many strays ready and waiting to find a new home and a loving owner, could you be one of them?

We provide a professional and caring service for all of our strays and adoptees to make your adoption process a breeze!



  • Adoption Certificate
  • International Travel Passport
  • Quarantine Certificates

Health Checks


  • Complete health check by registered veterinarian
  • Vaccinations Provided
  • Spayed

Strays Waiting for a New Home


Take a look at the strays we have currently available for adoption. If you would like to be considered for adoption, please contact us or visit our Facebook page for more information. An adoption fee will apply



The most handsome Ken was found as a very small stray pup one night on the beach by Sameer and we just couldn't leave him there!


As you can see from the photos he has had a prolapse which has been surgically corrected and he is now fit, healthy and raring to go.


He is around 4 months old and will grow to be a small dog. He is extremely friendly, playful and doesn't mind cats.


If you would like to consider adopting Ken, please contact us for more information.



The courageous Ben was found after being hit by a car and had been left with an injured leg for sometime which had been severly infected and beyond repair so had to be amputated.


He has adapted extremely well to his disability and it doesn't hinder him in any way.


He is a very happy and playful pup of around 5 months old and will become a small/medium sized dog.


If you would like to consider adopting Ben, please contact us for further information.

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