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Dedicated to the care and rescue of animals in Mauritius

Caring for animals is our passion!
PAWS Care and Rescue UK are a non-profit organisation run by 3 trustees who are purely volunteers some with full time jobs. Also a team of volunteers on the island dedicated to the care, rescue and re-homing of the many stray animals of Mauritius. We strive to not only care for these animals, but to also develop an educational programme to support the island's voluteers and implement stray maintenance and management strategies to prevent high numbers of strays in the future.

PAWS Care and Rescue UK relies solely on public donations, sponsorship and the kindness of those willing to help us. We also heavily rely on our amazing volunteers who help with essential fundraising, fostering and re-homing. For this, we say thank you!
PAWS Care and Rescue UK are a UK registered charity and non-profit organisation dedicated to the sterilisation, care, rescue and re-homing of the many stray dogs and cats of Mauritius.

Specialist care

We ensure that every stray receives the best care available. From vaccinations, skin treatments and sterilisation to the simplest things such as food and shelter, our strays are cared for by  dedicated teams of professionals and volunteers.


After receiving the care that they need, many of our strays are now looking for a new home. Fully vaccinated, health checked and certified, we make the adoption process as simple as possible


Not only do we provide care and re-homing for our strays, we're constantly developed an educational programme in Mauritius. This includes teaching how to both control the number of and take care of the many strays still on the island.

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