Who We Are

PAWS Care and Rescue UK are a UK registered charity and non-profit organisation run by 3 trustees and a team of volunteers dedicated to the care, rescue and re-homing of the many stray animals of Mauritius.

We strive to not only care for these animals, but to also  develop an educational programme to support the island's voluteers and implement stray maintenance and management strategies to prevent high numbers of strays in the future.

We strongly support the sterilisation programme campaign as the most humane solution to manage the number of strays on the island.

PAWS relies solely on public donations, sponsorship and the kindness of those willing to help us. We also heavily rely on many of our amazing volunteers who help with essential fundraising, fostering and re-homing. For this, we say thank you!

Our Focus

Our focus is to not only care for the strays already inhabiting the island of Mauritius, but also to develop a long-term management solution to the number of strays and their treatment.

We are working with Mauritian volunteers and care professionals to develop an educational programme, focussing on sterilisation as the most humane solution to control the number of strays in Mauritius.

Success Stories

We have already rescued and cared for hundreds of stray dogs from Mauritius, with many already re-homed right here in the UK.

We rely on donations, sponsorship and the generosity and love of adoptive carers to help re-home some of the many strays of Mauritius.

See some of our success stories here.


PAWS Care and Rescue UK relies on the kindness of volunteers and donations to carry out our work on the island. These donations help towards:

  • Basics such as food, shelter and maintenance.
  • Medical treatments such as vaccinations and surgery.
  • Supporting the fostering and adoption process.
  • Supporting our educational programme in Mauritius.

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PAWS Care & Rescue UK

Dedicated to the care and rescue of stray animals in Mauritius.


PAWS Care & Rescue UK


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