Our focus is to not only care for the strays already inhabiting the island of Mauritius, but also to develop a long-term management solution to the number of strays and their treatment.

We are working with Mauritian volunteers and care professionals to develop an educational programme, focussing on sterilisation as the most humane solution to control the number of strays in Mauritius.


PAWs operates an education programme throughout various businesses, public areas and schools to both encourage and nurture the relationship between strays and the Mauritian people. By changing people's mindset towards strays and animals in general, PAWS aims to provide education surrounding the need for proper, humane animal welfare, the impact of strays on the environment and stray management solutions moving forward.


PAWS supports the push for sterilization and as a result focuses on sterilization as the most important management solution for strays on the island.

Success Stories

Take a look of just some of our many success stories. We have successfully rescued, treated and rehomed many Mauritian strays and continue to work towards rescuing many more!


"Saving her is the thing we are most proud of, she is a wonderful addition to our family and whilst it has meant a lot of changes and she has her challenges, we would not change her for anything."


Little did Mabel's adoptive family know, but the friendly stray who accompanied their hotel stay was to become a loving addition to their family back in the UK.


Naida got a lucky break thanks to an army of people taking pity on a young, thin street dog mourning her puppy on the road and trying to protect her remaining living pups (all adopted). She's now looking for her forever home. Can you help?

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