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We provide as much care as we can for the strays of Mauritius, however the demand for homes is ever increasing. All of our strays are fully vaccinated, health checked and cleared for transportation to the UK. We ensure every stray is handled with the upmost care when going through the transportation process, which we manage from our care facility in Mauritius right to your home in the UK. We handle all required documentation and health checks to prevent any hiccups along the way.

Adoption Important Information

Due to the very nature of the country our dogs come from and their love of outdoors please do not apply to adopt or foster unless you have access to a secure private garden and outside space. This does not include balconies or roof top terraces. Our dogs like to have room to explore and some are also very good at jumping so please do not apply unless you have a minimum of 5 feet fences and secure boundaries, ideally 6 feet.

We no longer accept applications from families with children 5 years and under except in exceptional circumstances where a dog has been assessed as suitable.
If this is the case it will be noted on that particular dogs profile. Please do not apply for a dog if you have children under 5 unless a specific dogs profile states it is suitable.

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications currently being received if your application does not meet all of our requirements you will not get a reply.

We do not charge an adoption fee, however we do ask for a donation towards the travel costs of getting the dogs to the UK.

Costs covered by the Charity;

  • Preparation of dog for travel (this includes vaccinations, rabies injection, sterilisation, microchip and snap test) and Health Certificate issued by Mauritian State Vet. Any other necessary medical fees.

Costs covered by the adoption donation;

  • Airline approved crate for travel. Flight ticket from Mauritius to Paris with Air Mauritius.
  • Onward travel from Paris to Calais with a DEFRA approved type 2 licensed transporter.
  • Travel after customs checks from Calais to the UK via the Channel Tunnel to Folkestone.
  • Onward travel to the adopters address or arranged meeting place in the UK.
  • Or direct flight London Heathrow and onward travel by DEFRA approved transporter. (Not available during COVID restrictions)
  • The adoption donation towards these costs has now had to increase due to extra fees incurred from the UK now not being in the EU and the VAT implications now added per dog.


  • Online adoption application, followed by a video of the downstairs living area in your home, garden/outside space and outside the front of the property to show location (rural/urban) and immediate area/roads for suitable applications.
  • Final video link home check with one of our home checkers is required.
  • Applications are only accepted from persons aged 21 and above.
  • Families with children under the age of 5 will only be considered for adoption in exceptional circumstances where a pup/dog has been assessed as suitable.
  • Families only at home due to COVID 19 will not be considered,
  • On acceptance to adopt with us a £100 non refundable deposit is required to show your commitment to your chosen pup/dog. This is deducted from your full adoption costs which are payable on confirmation of the date of your pup/dogs flight.
  • Please only apply if you fit all of the above criteria and are also  agreeable to the adoption conditions.


Please be advised that we are currently experiencing unprecidented enquiries. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If you contact us on more than one occassion this could put your position in the queue lower so please be patient.

Adoption enquiry form

Please be advised that completing this form is not a guarantee of adoption. Also please understand that adoption questionnaires are reviewed with the sole intent of making the best long-term companion match possible.

    Where do you live?

    Do you own or rent?

    Do you have a private fenced garden?

    What type of fencing do you have?

    Where will your dog spend most of his day?

    Will your dog be a:
    petguard dog

    How active is your lifestyle?
    extremelysomewhatnot verynot active

    Do you have any previous experience with rescue dogs?

    Do the costs of vaccinations, medical care, insurance, grooming, and/or general up-keep of your dog present any financial problems for you?

    Are you willing to house train your new dog?

    Are you willing to attend dog/puppy obedience/training classes?

    Are you prepared to make a commitment of 10 to 18 years to this pet?

    Do you have any holidays planned in the near future?

    I agree

    Please be aware that your donation towards costs is £700.00 (unless otherwise indicated for a specific dog which may already be in the UK in foster care or is being subsidised by their Mauritian foster family) is for the  costs of the flight and crate.

    This is not payable until the dog is booked onto a flight to the UK however on acceptance of your adoption there is a non refundable deposit of £100.00 to reserve your pup/dog to show your commitment. (This is deducted from the full adoption costs). This does not apply to dogs already in foster care in the UK.

    PAWS Care and Rescue UK will endeavour to carry out a video link home check with one of our volunteers within 2 weeks of submission of an adoption form.

    You are obliged to inform PAWS Care and Rescue UK immediately in case of a change in circumstances.

    PAWS Care and Rescue UK CANNOT guarantee the exact age of a dog nor the breed (or the cross of breeds) of a dog, but will endeavour to ascertain such by veterinary advice.

    PAWS Care and Rescue UK will continue to be in touch with you after the adoption has taken place.

    PAWS Care and Rescue UK reserves the right to refuse any application they deem unsuitable.

    We want your dog to settle in quickly, but some do take longer than others so please do be patient. We do not want dogs returned within a few days of adoption. You will not see the true character for possibly 2 weeks. Your dog needs time to get to know its new family and its new home.

    Meet Lady and hear her story...

    When we booked Mauritius we knew there were dogs on the beach from reviews and as a family that couldn't have dogs I loved their company. Lady (Or Skinny girl as we called her then) was the first dog we met at the resort, she was not really in with the pack and was mainly found near our room, she kept her distance at first and was clearly sussing us out. She looked very thin and her coat was bare in patches, and her teets were hanging down she’d clearly just had pups and she had the most soulful brown eyes you had ever seen, from the moment I met her I worried about her, she seemed on the very edge of existence, I made it my mission to feed her up, every morning I would fill a bag with sausages and meat to feed her as she slept under our sunbeds and on an evening when we would see her near our room, she is such a gentle girl.

    As sad a sight as our skinny girl was I had no idea of the cruelty they face, it seems an idyllic place to be stray but discovering the truth was heartbreaking, you could tell by her reaction to beach sellers, some locals and security she had a reason to fear them and when I discovered about MSAW it broke my heart, as the holiday went in she came to see us everyday, she would come on beach walks with us, one morning she came to watch the sunrise at 5 am.

    As the end of our holiday approached I was so upset about leaving, the morning of our departure all the dogs were there and I cried from the Resort to the airport, saying goodbye was torture and I became consumed with what would happen to not just skinny girl but all the lovely dogs there.

    We were not dog owners, we both work full time so wasn't really practical but I could not forget the dogs and their plight, there was a Facebook group which meant we could get updates on all the dogs from current guests which was great and it was this where I found likeminded people who had also been appalled by the treatment of the dogs, one by one the dogs were being adopted and at this point it became clear we had to bring our Lady home and without the help of Paws this would never have happened, I phoned them and they collected her the next day, they helped arrange everything as well as treating and vaccinating her.

    Was it was costly - Yes and it meant a lot of changes to our home and lives and it was a really nervous month once we knew it was happening, had we made the right decision, would Lady settle in, would we be able to work our lives round a dog? But I can't tell you how much she has enriched our lives, never thought I'd voluntarily get out of bed at 6am for anyone but she is soooo worth the early starts, Lady is a dog who outside our home is scared of everything, very reactive to dogs, cats, people (especially men) and anything she doesn’t like the look of but at home, she is adorable, so sweet, loves fuss but on her terms, very independent. Being greeted by her after work is the best welcome home ever and seeing her snoring away just fills my heart with joy.

    Saving her is the thing we are most proud of, she is a wonderful addition to our family and whilst it has meant a lot of changes and she has her challenges, we would not change her for anything.

    Meet Bugs and hear his story...

    This little man hasn't had the best start in life, left all alone to fend for himself at only 10 weeks old and finding himself on the beach just like so many other dogs that deserve a better life. Staggering along the beach Bugs suffered immensely. He was dehydrated, flee and tick ridden, suffering from ear and eye infections, malnourished, covered in open cuts, scabs and bruises and also suffering from mange.

    Bugs was trying to drink the sea water to aid his thirst. Many holiday makers just watched him struggling without a single shred of compassion, but I would like to say a massive thank you to all the sun seekers who did help. Bugs stole many hearts, not just our own, and has become a little celebrity on social media. We will carry on telling his story as time goes by and hope his life will spur others to do the same.

    The growing number of stray beach dogs in Mauritius is rising and something urgently needs to change in order to start managing and controlling this continual problem. The island’s rescue services are trying their best but are over-occupied already and could do with more funding from any avenue – every donation is greatly appreciated.

    I would like to say a big personal thank to Lorena & Keyer, who were the first to monitor Bugs’ situation. We were told Bugs may not live due to his condition, and if it wasn’t for them and the quick thinking of all the staff that worked tirelessly hard to give him love and treatment he may not be with us today.

    Bugs has now started the road to recovery and will be coming back with us to England but there are so many more stories that won’t be told, with real dangers and real problems.

    Unfortunately the current situation on the island of Mauritius will continue until everyone works in conjunction and every life should be treated with respect and common decency.

    Even after just a few days of care and compassion, Bugs’ recovery has had a fantastic start. After two weeks on and the right treatment along with everyday care from all the workers at PAWS, Bugs has put on weight, is looking healthier and is enjoying life as a dog - happy with the spirit to live.

    Hopefully Bugs’ story is heard. We all know this is just one story and there are so many more happy tails to be wagged, yet the unlawful treatment of the stray dogs in Mauritius grows at an alarming rate with such terrible consequences and terrifying standards of torture and the killing of helpless, homeless starving dogs.

    Unless there are massive changes made in Mauritius, more and more people will read and hear about the scandalous mistreatment of dogs and holiday makers will no longer wish to travel there because instead of having a relaxing break, dog lovers will have a stressful, unforgettable experience of Mauritius for the wrong reasons.

    Please follow Bugs’ story for he is one of the lucky ones that has got a second chance at life. You can read more about Bugs' story here.

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