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We currently have many pups in Mauritius with various fosters/shelters and sanctuaries under our care.
We are always looking for foster families in the U.K. that can help the pups to make the transition from their lives in Mauritius to lives in the the U.K.
They can travel to the U.K. from 16 weeks of age and will be with you for around 2 to 4 weeks. You will be given full support during this time. During the time the pup/pups are with you you will be responsible for helping them with toilet training where needed, socialisation and assessment of the kind of home they are most suited to.

This is an extremely important role in helping these pups find the loving forever home they deserve. If you would like to be considered to be on our foster register then please complete the application form.

Important Information

Due to the very nature of the country our dogs come from and their love of outdoors please do not apply to adopt or foster unless you have access to a secure private garden and outside space. This does not include balconies or roof top terraces. Our dogs like to have room to explore and some are also very good at jumping so please do not apply unless you have a minimum of 5 foot fences and boundaries.

We no longer accept applications from families with children 5 years and under except in exceptional circumstances where a dog has been assessed as suitable. If this is the case it will be noted on that particular dogs profile.

Please complete the questionnaire for fostering as completely as possible.

Dogs are fun, loving, playful, and a lot of hard work. Please be sure that you can make a commitment to the care of the dog before you decide to foster one.

Please be aware that we in most cases do not know the exact breed of a dog.


Also please understand that fostering questionnaires are reviewed with the sole intent of making the best companion match possible.

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