PAWS Care and Rescue UK is a non-profit organisation and therefore we rely on donations and support to carry out the work we do.

Donations will not only enable us to continue our work caring for and rehoming strays but will also support our efforts towards education and prevention to reduce the number of strays in Mauritius elsewhere.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. We currently accept donations via Paypal and Bank transfer, however if there's another way you'd like to donate, please get in touch!

We rely on donations to continue caring for and rehoming Mauritian strays. Every donations helps!


Success Stories

Take a look of just some of our many success stories. We have successfully rescued, treated and rehomed many Mauritian strays and continue to work towards rescuing many more!


"Saving her is the thing we are most proud of, she is a wonderful addition to our family and whilst it has meant a lot of changes and she has her challenges, we would not change her for anything."


Naida got a lucky break thanks to an army of people taking pity on a young, thin street dog mourning her puppy on the road and trying to protect her remaining living pups (all adopted). She's now looking for her forever home. Can you help?


Little did Mabel's adoptive family know, but the friendly stray who accompanied their hotel stay was to become a loving addition to their family back in the UK.

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