Teddy Maya Marley & Cookie - ALL RESERVED

3 month old siblings.
Available to reserve, will be travelling to the U.K. in early March.
Yet more abandoned and discarded lives struggling to survive on the streets with no hope and staving.
Mum and pups were found in a pitiful state covered in fleas, ticks anc mites with matted fur and very weak.
Shortly after rescue the pups became very sick with gastro and tragically 3 of the litter didn’t make it.
Throughout all this mum Angel was loving and caring and is a beautiful soul.
She too is coming to the U.K. in February.
They are sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped and snap tested.
Applications will only be accepted from people who have read all the above information in full and can give them the time that they need.
No applications will be replied to from people who work full time or who are out of the home for more than 4 hours per day unless alternative provisions can be provided to meet the pups needs.
We do not have kennel facilities in the UK and all our dogs/pups go directly into adoption if they have been assessed as suitable or foster care if they need further assessment.
Full RBU is provided.

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